Karm means             All that goes around and comes around - this is our timeline, process, actions, reactions, research, inspirations and aspirations. 




Why we need Kalakarm Curriculum?

January, 2020


Notes on Yayoi Kusama

December, 2019

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Notes on Aboriginal Art

December, 2019

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2019 - 2020

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Primary Research at schools 

August 2019

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Proposal for schools to collaborate

July 2019


What do the curriculum guidelines say?

June 2019

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Work - in - Progress Show, London

January, 2020

Workshops in schools

August, 2019


Workshop with Teach For India Fellows

August, 2019

Observation in schools

August, 2019

Play Well at Wellcome Collection, London

August, 2019

Marie Neurath at House of Illustration, London

August, 2019

Corita Kent at House of Illustration, London

August, 2019

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